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Jessica is a magic maker ✨ I started seeing her about two months ago for infertility treatments. Her knowledge and skills have made such a big change in my life in such a short time. I feel like a completely different woman. Thank you Jessica for being apart of our journey to our rainbow baby ♥️

"My husband has suffered most of his life with extremely tight muscles in his body, he is now 54 years old. Noone has been able to help him. Jessica with different types of treatments, has given him relief already after 2 appointments. She will continue seeing him and adding some supplements for him. It's so nice to have a health professional truly care about helping you heal your body! Thank you Jessica!!"

I was so pleased to discover this amazing practice only 20 minutes from my rural home. I sought acupuncture for a sciatic nerve issue and was very happy with the caring approach Jessica took to understanding and treating the problem. The session was peaceful and ultimately, successful. The sciatic pain cleared up. I highly recommend Jessica for any acupuncture needs.

I was referred to Jessica, by my reiki healer, as someone who might help me with my long Covid symptoms. So much healing has happened since working with Jessica. I am grateful to Jessica who is a talented, grounded, compassionate, knowledgeable and positive person. I started out with acupuncture and when Jessica realized we weren’t getting the results she was hoping for she switched to cranial sacral work which was exactly what my body needed. Jessica’s explanations whenever I asked about the body and health were so helpful. She is truly a gifted person.

Jessica has been nothing short of amazing. I have only been met with compassion and care during my visits. Jessica is very knowledgeable and she truly has your health and healing at the core of her work. I have felt a lot of relief from the perimenopause symptoms I have been experiencing as well as anxiety. I walk out feeling comforted and more stable and confident that things are resolving. I highly recommend Jessica! You won’t be disappointed.

I approached Jessica, seeking relief from my horrible hot flashes. Still working through that, but the amazing change in my overall being is wonderful. It's been MANY years since I've not had back and neck pain upon waking in the morning. So happy to have found her, and I strongly recommend her services!

 Jessica is helping me with my depression and anxiety. I am able to to relax during my appointment and, it continues thru the following week. Jessica is very welcoming and non-judgmental. She has a very calming and understanding presents about her. She always wants what is best for me her patient and does a extremely through treatment every appointment. I highly recommend Jessica.

I called up Jessica to see if she could help me after a terrible accident I had last year. At the first appointment. I was impressed with how much time Jessica took to get to know me and to learn about all the damage I had to my body. Each subsequent appointment was similar, in that Jessica was very thoughtful in her approach to me and in planning what to do with me in that and in the future appointments.

My midwife referred me to Jessica to help with my baby who was breech. I delivered my first son breech and was not interested in delivering another breech baby. I am so happy I came to see Jessica. After 2 sessions and using a moxa stick she gave me, my baby flipped and I was able to have a much easier delivery!

Interested in feeling better too?

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